Is Chris Kluwe bullying people through lawsuits?

One way to shut someone up is to either scare them with the threat of a lawsuit or just actually sue them. It appears Chris Kluwe understands this, but this time he isn’t picking on his former NFL team, but rather on a mansophere entrepreneur and lawyer, Mike Cernovich, from Danger & Play with the “defamation” card this time.

Beware. He has millions to make sure you are reduced to pennies.

While usually these tactics are employed by angry businesses and corporations on yelp against anonymous users for negative reviews, you can apparently go after people for their tweets on twitter as well.  This is probably just one more reason why you might want to consider anonymity on most social networks.

For the common man and the poor this usually spells doom – all kinds of impending doom. Even if you win or successfully defend yourself in court, your finances are going to be in trouble. It’s like going through a divorce where you lose all of your “stuff” no matter if your wife takes the house or not, because she’s also taking your beer fridge.

Take note of this tactic however.  Mike Cernovich has a legal background which means he won’t need to hire lawyers to defend him, but his valuable time will still be wasted. The rest of us however can’t afford lawyers. Be VERY careful as to exactly what you say about certain people. Check all your bases and make sure you can’t be accused of libel, slander, and defamation.

Anything can be subjectively interpreted as harassment a.k.a. “defamation” so bullies like Chris Kluwe need to be called out for actions like this.  Hold him accountable for this kind of financial oppression and censorship as it could happen to any of us who don’t have Kluwe’s millions to fight a legal battle. Stay strong Mike.



Life Lessons: Angry Conversations With a Stranger On A Train with Unexpected Twists.

Hopping on the train at the Lake Forest stop, I grabbed a seat on the upper deck, put the other two down near me, and proceeded to lay down and glance up at my phone as I browsed through reddit headphones playing music in my ear.

Sounds. It looks like the guy across is talking to me. Is he? Yes, he is.  I take out my headphones and he wants to know if I’m okay as I was coughing while laying down.  He mentions that, “I’ve seen people die on this train.”  I assure him I’m fine and I go back to Reddit.

15 minutes later I notice he is saying something again. I take out my headphones to hear him. This time he seemed VERY agitated about the way I was sitting. Apparently he thought I might be taking pictures of him with my phone and he was upset by the way I was laying down.

Again, apparently I was being rude and I semi-open dangling legs were exposing my crotch to the Indian girl sitting several seats down. It was then that I realized I had been targeted. I sat up and attempted to deflect the verbal attacks.

The conclusions and assumptions made about me took me back for a second. Apparently I was some punk from Chicago coming down here to get off at Libertyville and I didn’t give a fuck about the other people on the train. I pointed out to him that NO ONE has ever objected to the way I’ve laid down before. He was the first one.  He insists its a matter of being respectful.  I proceeded to question him on how he knew what was “Respectful.”  He appealed to the way he was raised.

I started trying to think to myself about why he was giving me such a hard time. It was a serious, “Dude, wtf?” moment of thought.  For a bit longer, I suspected that other people were going to become involved as his tone of voice kept getting louder. (I was hoping the conductors weren’t going to get involved.)

It was here the conversation turned.  I pointed out to him I lived in Fox Lake, I also told him about how I thought his age had nothing to do with whether I respected his opinions or not. I also essentially asked him indirectly what was bugging him. Conversations are something I live for. They break up the routine of my day. I made the most out of this one and I’m glad I did.

This fellow’s name was Jim. I plied Jim and found out some back-story about himself.  He’s a 53 year old micro-biologist who works his ass off to put his two of his three daughters through college.  He’s struggling financially, but fishing with his buddies gives him some reprieve.  I felt a kind of kinship for Jim.  It’s no accident that I feel as I’ve met people just like him before with a similar frustration with life.  A sympathy for him wells up inside me.

He apologized several times to me later and throughout the conversations for his initial assumptions about myself, but I told him not to worry about it.  “The past is the past,” I told him.  Jim you see is a classic example of a guy going on through life who needs a chance to vent every once in a while, but doesn’t.  It was the small action of the way I laid that set him off.

I literally told him when we got off the train, “There’s only so much a man can handle before he explodes.”   Jim is a good guy, but he’s been through alot. He is rightfully distrustful of new and strange people. He tells me stories about how he’s been attacked and beat up in Fox Lake and the kind of crime he see’s happening right outside the Fox Lake train station and the Thortons.

Every story and conversation has a life lesson that should ALWAYS be learned from it.   What happened to Jim – just one action- that magnifies to a great extent the rest of what he has been feeling and seeing can happen to myself.

All men out there need a time and a chance to vent.  The key is doing it in a way that won’t get you arrested, hated, ect but to find a friend and/or an outlet to really get things off your chest.  Reddit is one way, but face-to-face with a close friends is the best.  Get it off your chest. It will make you feel better.

We all have pent up rage that builds. It’s a matter of fact of life. The people who explode are some how seen as terrible, immature, ect but the reality of life is that this is just a natural part of humanity.  Let it go. Don’t be afraid to tell your friends what’s really on your mind.  Be yourself and I’m not saying that in a BS “feel good” cultural way.

Before we parted ways at the station, Jim told me he was glad the conversation happened. I was too.  It was a raw unfiltered and genuine conversation that should happen more often.



Get Over Yourself Because We Already Have.

My favorite Asian badass, Opinionated Man from Harsh Reality, strikes again in a recent post today involving one of the biggest problems that plagues mankind; those who dare to disagree on the internet. In the words of a modern day Asian wiseman, “Get Over Yourself.

One of my favorite responses I often see on message boards, forums, my own facebook, ect. are responses and posts to my own such as:

  • “I can’t believe you said that!”
  • “Tell me you don’t think this!”
  • “How dare you be this ignorant!
  • “You can’t say that!”

Newsflash. I said that, I’m not sorry, and I’ll say it again. Fine, we disagree. I honestly thought it would never happen.  Let’s leave it like that right? Wrong.  The hounds start to bark, the crows start to circle, and the night starts to darken.  Demands for your head, your job, your blog, and your imminent seclusion from internet and blogging life.


A growing number of narcissistic individuals on the internet – I’m shocked – seem to think that they not only should own and control their own havens of internet brilliant dialogue, but that yours should be included in their Iron Curtain like grip.

Do you not concur with the popular group-think on your blog and even Facebook? Then bow down, present your ass for punishment,  and plead for mercy and forgiveness for having alternative thoughts.   These kinds of folks won’t even stop eating their own, so they won’t care if they eat you.  This is why you must ignore them like they aren’t there and never back down.

This was just a slight offense and an apology and clarification weren't enough.

This was just a slight offense and an apology and clarification weren’t enough.

It’s not enough to even delete a post, a tweet, ect these days. You actually need to dress in digital sackcloth and ashes as you admit your sins to an obvious disproving public.   This shit needs to stop and it STOPS with me, you, and all of us with balls.  That includes you ladies.

Let’s engage in a reality check. This isn’t your facebook. It isn’t your blog. You don’t control my blog. You don’t control Opinionated Man‘s blog. This isn’t Reddit. I know that particular mobs of people who can’t handle disagreement or alternative POVs want to downvote your thoughts into oblivion, but are stymied and enraged that they can’t!   This particular mob of internet group-think digital ravagers that inhabit fiefdoms with North Korean like intentions on internet discourse and dialogue however will give it all they have to make you recant. However, we won’t, because we dont give a shit.

Important lessons must be learned early for all self-respecting bloggers.  I’ll kindly, but firmly drill them in:

  1. Don’t give a shit.
  2. . You don’t need to care if people get offended over your blog, facebook, or twitter.  Life is short and you don’t want to be 90 on your deathbed having never voiced your true thoughts.
  3. As OM puts it ,“Even if the world comes crashing down upon you, own your views and don’t allow others to intimidate you into changing your opinions.” 
  4. Stand by what you think and NEVER back down.  Don’t apologize for what you think. Let the wave of intolerant naysayers crash against your polished steel sides.  You shall not be moved.
  5. Assert your thoughts, posts, and conclusions with the utmost confidence.

Don’t cave in on your blog for any reason, because it won’t end there. The pattern you set endangers yourself.  Imagine what is and has been next.  Your private life decisions may be next if you indicate you are willing to submit. Remember Brandon Eich from Mozilla? He lost his job because of this consistent subconscious desire by himself and his employer to give in and back down. Don’t be Firefox.  (Note that The Atlantic isn’t some religious conservative bastion of backwards thought.)

Armenia out. 


How to Shave and Trim like a Man and Mount That Facial Stubble

The three greatest inventions ever know to man are pretty damn obvious. They include the electric shaver, the urinal, and the internet.   Okay, semantics aside dogs aren’t actually men’s best friend; the electric shaver is.  Two things to consider:

1. You DONT have to be clean-shaven. You can even grow a massive beard.  Even if your job bans facial hair or has strict guidelines about it, there are always ways around. Example: Go to your local mosque, tell the Imam you want to convert to Islam, and bring the proof of your conversion to your work.  They won’t hassle/ try to fire you later as no one wants to get sued for workplace discrimination against Muslims.  Then just go about your business like you did before. 

2. Stubble and heavy stubble is your friend. There are plenty of studies out there to show that women often prefer at least a good/heavy degree of stubble.  Even man-hating site Jezebel agrees with me! Do it.

Do you want to make attaining this degree/length of stubble easy?

Now guys who dove headfirst into their dawning of facial hair- that started at 16 for me – were first enjoyed and enthralled. I remember seeing the hairs growing and feeling almost like I had won the lotto, asserted my dominance, and gotten the girl.

Only two years later, I was getting fed up with razors and the constant irritation covering my face where ever I had shaved. Yes, I used aftershave which is a must if you want to reduce irritation afterwards. I only had slight acne a few years back, but it’s enough to dampen your confidence when you realize that girls prefer a face that doesn’t look it’s been rolled around in Poison Ivy.

It was then that invested in my first electric shaver.  I noticed immediate results.  My face wasn’t getting cut. The irritation was much less, if not non-existent. The shave was much faster and easier.    Of course, I always used aftershave afterwards – never neglect that finish.

As time as gone by, I’ve realized that it is still difficult to get that semi-heavy stubble look I’ve been desiring as of late. I had a full beard that made me look like I was from Iran, (I have ancestors who live in an adjacent country to Iran.) but I decided it was time to try out that stubble look which I could only seem to manage well very rarely with my shaver.   I went out and got another shaver that had guards with three different lengths.

Shaving my full beard down to that semi-heavy stubble was actually made very easy with the guards. I got an easy all around and consistent stubble that was actually very fast.  Results?

My stubble now after getting rid of my “terrorist” beard.

If you are trying to get any kind of stubble look which you can easily maintain every two-three days, I highly suggest getting a cheap electric shaver from Walmart which is good for the getting the real close stuff – your cheek for instance – and a reasonably priced shaver which comes with at least three guard sizes for facial trimming and “sculpting.”

Your facial time is now. Carpe Diem.

My Stubble Length

This stubble. You know you want it. 


Twitter Fun with SJWs angry with Forney.

On Friday, twitter was still abuzz and very angry over Matt Forney’s article on ROK: 5 Reasons Girls With Tattoos and Piercings Are Broken.  Well 20,000+ comments later and still raging, Forney has been fortunate enough to soak in the hate and slew of death threats.  The internet these days is entertaining. Say something people really don’t like, and you can expect for people to threaten to kill you.  Just got to get used to it.

Well, I saw two SJWs on twitter tweeting about hating Forney and the like so I figured I would have some fun. The tweet that got me was the one telling Forney his mother should have an abortion.

Challenge accepted.

1.  I also led off with my favorite shock style endorsement of the pro-choice position.  I encouraged all feminists to always have an abortion.  To this one of them responded that she was now going to get pregnant and have a kid named after me.

2.  I immediately dropped some buzzwords like  “cis” , “privilege” and “gender.   Both of the tweeters then mentioned how I must hate them being non-white. Nice try though, and I dropped my “half-white” card.   Now the genocide cards works pretty damn well in terms of privilege arguments, but it was tough considering one was Jewish.

3. I identified as transgender for the conversation and told them to check their privilege. The tweets went back and forth but they were amused by an MRA troll – apparently that’s what I am – being transgender.   That definitely could have entailed further labels and transphobic accusations.

In reflection what I should have done after being accused of being a troll is to accuse them of a new level of transphobia based on insisting that transgender folks can’t have certain opinions without being labeled trolls.  Whole new level of transphobia, right?

I’ll try it out on some new angry tweeters later.  It’s amazing to see what throwing in the right buzzwords can do nowadays.  The internet really is the ultimate form of entertainment.


My Feminist Vow – By: Opinionated Man


You too can take this vow and continue to expand on it daily.

Become one of us.

One of us. One of us.

Okay, credit to OM.

Originally posted on HarsH ReaLiTy:

I vow I will never hold the door open for another woman. If the door is about to hit her in the face I will not turn away, but will instead observe the harsh reality of equality.

I vow to never appreciate boobs again. I don’t have any myself so they must not be special. If they were indeed important… men would have been given at least one right?

I vow to never say the word “male” again! I turn my back on the label. From this day forth I will be known as human. I also intend to pick randomly which restroom I use since I am no longer observing silly differences. I have always wondered what the women’s restroom looks like…

I vow to never buy a woman flowers anymore. If a pair of socks and an ugly tie is good enough for men, well it should be…

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What is We Hunted the Mammoth?


The blogs author and owner lives only about an hour away from me in Chicago.

Clear, close, and present danger.

Originally posted on NotParticularlyPauciloquent:

To me, it seems like an arrogant blog made for one purpose and one purpose only, to attack MRA and anything that feminists don’t like. This blog has no substance, none, none at all. It’s about lying about the other side and mocking them all of the time. And it’s a big blog. Oh, I can’t write on the comments section of it, however, because it’s comments are so havily moderated that not a single word of criticism of the sites content can get through. Literally, look at the comments section, about 100% pro-WHTM.

Now while I am not a MRA, I will state that this site goes above and beyond The O’reilly Factor to become the next Rush Limbaugh of blogging. The sites logo literally says that the whole purpose of the site is to mock.


The blog is seeping with arrogance: “I reserve the right to ban anyone…

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5 Critiques of Internet Feminism


A very good objective critique of the movement. Has the movement gone from fighting gender equality into other issues like racism and economic inequality as the author points?

Originally posted on Plato Shrugs:


Internet feminists are generally a very prickly, insular group. As far as the ideological groups I’ve participated in (from Fascists, Communists, Anarchists, etc.) I’d say they are by far the most unwelcoming and unwilling to talk about their beliefs on a level beyond five minute sound bites (wage gap, rape in colleges, etc.). For the most part, fringe ideological groups are very tight nit and insular, but they will surprise you by being very eager to discuss their beliefs on a deep, atomic level.

Feminism is not a ‘fringe ideological’ group. They are very close to becoming mainstream and accepted in popular culture. As a result they feel as though any discussion on the basis of their movement makes you an enemy, I.E. a bigot, a racist, a misogynist, or a man’s rights activist. Internet feminists believe that the pre-suppositions of their political world are axiomatic; I regret to inform…

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Why I will never be a Feminist


Like OM, I will never be a feminist either.

There is so much more to life then blaming the patriarchy for everything wrong in life – whoever and whatever that actually is anymore.

On a positive note, we could use feminism as reason to legalize prostitution as keeping prostitution illegal is obviously an oppression of women’s bodies and well… we can’t have that.

Originally posted on HarsH ReaLiTy:

I have joked about this subject and also written a few posts I feel outline my issues with this movement. I regularly browse the feminist tags because I just know at least one article will make me say “What The Fuck.” It never fails and has become a weekly routine of mine. I can’t but admire the passion on some posts, but I still feel put off by most.

“Men need to, men need to, men need to” if it isn’t man hate it is telling men what they need to do. “You need to join this movement because…” because why? Because you women tell us to? Isn’t that in step with what your group supposedly hates about our current society? That you have felt forced to live a certain way? But in this new world of equality that feminists preach about men are now “forced” to feel like they…

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