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When it comes to women, it’s pretty simple; when you hit your late 50s, not a lot of men are gonna be too attracted to your body.

I honestly feel some sympathy for her, but it’s all even further downhill from here.

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Reader Keyser Soze had an interesting comment last week that I thought would be a good jump off point for today’s topic:

@Siirtyrion: You said, “Many scientists still go by this notion because it explains the frequent tradeoffs in mating and gives us a more complete picture for sexual selection as a whole. I understand that I uphold physicality as king, but understand that hypergamy isn’t completely about a short-term mating strategy, regardless of what some people may think. Women may be able to fund their our lives currently but rest assure, they still seek out Beta Bucks in other forms aside from monetary or material gain (i.e they still seek out physiological and emotional comfort from less than ideal males).”

Question for all:

Reading this, I had a thought. We often talk about women hitting the wall at 35ish and their sudden willingness to be me more reasonable with…

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An Open Letter to JK Rowling


A thought from a Scot about the importance and impact of independence.

Rooting for you to take back your country from 300+ years of rule.

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by Allan Crosbie, PT English, Edinburgh

Dear Joanne,

You won’t remember me but nearly 20 years ago we worked together briefly in a school in Edinburgh. Your talents have since made you a lot of money and given you considerable status and influence; I have continued to channel mine into that Freirean project of opening minds and changing the world from the classroom. You now have millions of Twitter followers; I have six.

People should always act on their conscience and yours has obviously prompted you to speak out in order to try to prevent Scotland voting for Independence. In doing so over the last few days you have claimed to be speaking not out of self-interest but on behalf of ordinary Scots who, you claim, are set to suffer immeasurably under Independence.

You speak of three kinds of Yes voters – the first are gamblers on oil and blackmailers…

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“I Hope You Die”

“I Hope You Die”.


The internet these days can get to people. Take OM who has been helping other bloggers as much as possible. The internet will still find faults.

The guy who said OM made him feel “suicidal” is priceless – or a damn good troll.

My motto: surround yourself with motivated people with a sense of self-responsiblity. Ignore the haters and SJWs like they aren’t even there. Light trolling can be useful sometimes however.


Keep strong OM.


Toddlers, Perspective, Drugs, and Flashbanging Swat Raids.

My family is a diverse  and divided one, and I love it.  Not just racially, but politically and on all those “controversial” issues which you aren’t supposed to bring up at the dinner table at family parties.  Well I’m a true rebel and I bring up that crap anyway.  So I somewhat… started up a huge debate on gun control with my family. (My aunt for a while was of the opinion that we didn’t need guns because the cops would always be there in time to protect people. Note I live about 50 minutes from Chicago.)

It ended up in everyone shouting, my Uncle putting my Aunt in an armlock, my Uncle yelling at my Grandpa for bailing him out of jail – I didn’t even know that happened – my Dad yelling about my Aunt being a cop and it distorting her perspective. It literally looked like something out of a movie.  Wait.  Right there, that magic word – Perspective.

Me and my Dad both hold rather “anti-cop” views – according to cops that is on PoliceOne – the site where if a cop blows up kittens on public television – the use of that force must somehow be justified.  My aunt is a cop and tends to view things from their point-of-view, even if the video evidence is pretty damning. She points out that there are always two sides to the story. I’m not sure what other “sides” to the story there can be in some of the headlines over the years that I have seen – and the one’s I’ll list are just three out of the hundreds.  So just for background:

1. The Kelly Thomas beatdown – that homeless man in Seattle who they literally beat to death as he called for his dad for over 10 minutes.  Seriously, watch the video. It’s sickening and disturbing. I’m EXTREMELY manly, but it made me cry.  Image

2. A “no knock” recent swat raid on a house in Georgia where they “suspected” drugs were located. It’s “unclear” whether they found drugs or not – That means they did not – but they did throw a flashbang in the house that melted off part of the face of a two year old toddler, burned a hole in his chest, and now has him in a coma.  It reads like something out of a movie where everything goes wrong for a family, but the video of the kid really shows how – fucked up – this really is.

3. An 80 year-old man killed in his own bed in a swat raid where the police were looking for Meth. They didn’t find any and were forced to change their story after bloodstains in the man’s bed indicated that he had been sleeping.  “Put the gun down!” apparently was shouted after the six shots were fired… not before.  What side could the deputy who pulled the trigger have to justify his actions?

Sidenote: Below, courtesy of Cato is a map of many botched Swat Raids. It should trouble you. Their site has the “interactive” map for you to scour through.


I list those three examples specifically because of the perspective on the other end toward what happened.  The perspective of the district attorney and the GBI (George Bureau of Investigation) emphasized by the County Sheriff (Terrell) on the injured Toddler story mentioned above blew my mind.

“I’ve talked to the D.A., I’ve talked to the GBI,” Terrell said. “I’ve given them the whole information and they say there’s nothing else we can do. There’s nothing to investigate, there’s nothing to look at. Given the information given, GBI’s SWAT team would have done the exact same thing – they’d have used the exact same scenario to enter the house.”

As Radley Balko points out in his article on the Washington Post about this story and the SWAT policy for raids:

If your drug cops conduct a raid that ends up putting a child in the hospital with critical burns, and they did nothing that violates your department’s policy, then there’s something wrong with your policy.

However, I’ve seen cops defend this burned toddler pointing to the perspective of the SWAT team, notably at the fore-mentioned PoliceOne facebook page where what I assume is mostly officers exchange stories of “winning”. Note some of these perspectives:

  • “As sad as this is this is not the fault of the Police. The scum bag mother is to blame here.”
  •  “They did nothing wrong. Don’t take a infant to a drug house and this would not happen.”
  • ” Here’s an idea. Don’t sell drugs and cops won’t throw flashbangs into your house.”
  • “Dont commit crimes and things like this wont happen…..yeah blame the police for doing their jobs arresting POS criminals. This is the families fault this baby is injured. NOT the police.”
  • “Meanwhile, keeping a toddler in the home of violent felons, meth labs, dangerous criminals walking in and out on a daily basis high on dope, and complete disregsrd for any care for a toddler is ignored. Charge the parents an extra felony for the innocent childs suffering.”

The Facebook posts to the article go on and on.  What’s fascinating is that the drug fiend they were looking for was the husband’s brother who didn’t even live there, nor was there at the time when the raid occurred.  Essentially, we all better hope that none of our friends or family does, partakes, deals, ect – with or without your knowledge – and come’s back home for Thanksgiving because a SWAT team could bust through the door and toss military grade hardware your way.

What this all boils down to is that no matter who gets hurt, the cops they will justify whatever happens because from their perspective, it appears to be us vs. them; they are first and we are a distant second.  I love my Aunt dearly, but she said something that has disturbed me in conversations over things of this nature, “I will do whatever I need to do get back home safe to my family.”  I understand that, but imagine all the other cops who think like this. I hope I’m not deemed an obstacle to said safety from their perspective.

I don’t have a particular vendetta, even though my aunt believes I do. I have no criminal record, though I am still perturbed at some of the bullshit traffic tickets I’ve gotten. I won’t pretend to say I don’t have a bias, but when I see injustice like this excused it angers me. When a toddler has part of his face burnt off, a hole in his chest, and is in a coma in what is essentially an appeal to “safety” for the SWAT team by flashbanging without knocking or investigating to see if children were present, we have a deep problem.

Seriously. Justify it. I dare you. Look at it from “their perspective” and justify the botched raids and what happened to people like Kelly Thomas.  Even if “use of force” is/was justified, their deaths certainly were not.

We need to be deeply worried about the prevalence of this assumption among Law Enforcement that “resisting” arrest automatically means it’s acceptable to use lethal force to subdue a “suspect.”  I seriously don’t give a fuck if the suspect is resisting or not. It doesn’t mean you need to kill them or use excessive force. 

I strongly suggest LEO’s would be less likely to endorse excessive force of they or their families were subjected to their all too common playbook.

Everyday there is a story of excessive force by the police, brutality, mistaken shootings. We need to address this growing epidemic of state sponsored brutality before we, our families, and are friends become suspects and subject to this treatment.






Why Robin William’s death doesn’t matter to me.

It’s all over twitter, the news, my facebook feed; Robin Williams was very depressed and committed suicide.  Apparently this is a big deal because of how much influence he has had on people’s lives through his movies, comedy, ect.

Okay, well not me. He has not had any effect on my life. In fact, I can’t think of one celebrity, actor, ect who actually has. Why? Because I don’t give a shit about celebrities or supposed “artists” that many of these high tier actors deem as such.   Do I dislike them? No, I just don’t care and I believe there are far more important things worth my limited time each day.

What you may ask? ISIS murdering innocents. Brutal skirmishes between rebels and their perspective governments in Africa. The shooting death of Michael Brown in Missouri and the looting and rioting that has proceeded it.  That actually seems like a pretty damn big deal with serious implications as to the police in America.  

These matters are worthy of my attention, not Robin Williams.  Sure, if you want to pay attention to him for the affect that he has had on your lives and acknowledge it, go ahead. I just believe that is a misplaced use of your time.  In today’s day and age, so much is crying out for our attention and often so little of what we run into online and throughout the day is really worth it. 

People being brutalized by the police? That seems important to me. How about the homeless people wandering our streets? That seems important too. What about the small family struggling to make ends meet? Well, I suppose the most appropriate use of our time is to go out there and help. Literally.

Disagree with me? Fine. That’s just my two cents. 


Elizabeth Warren backs the Bank of Boeing


Important observations about the “populist” principles that Warren adheres to…

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To her supporters, Senator Elizabeth Warren is a champion of the downtrodden and bane of the wealthy.

To those of us who know better, she’s a government-always-first leftist who is quite fine with helping the biggest and wealthiest corporations in America so long as the government grows.

We have the Heritage Foundation to thank for this. As Timothy Carney (Washington Examiner) pointed out, Heritage reached out to Warren to see if she would help them fight the Export-Import Bank. No dice: “Senator Warren believes that the Export-Import Bank helps create American jobs and spur economic growth.”

Never mind that so many of the products financed by the bank are intermediate products for foreign firms competing against Americans. Never mind that export subsidies are far and away the worst type of trade intervention for an economy. Never mind that the Congressional Budget Office and the General Accounting Office have laid waste…

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Guest Post – The Lesbian Agenda


This spoke to me.

Originally posted on HarsH ReaLiTy:

“You don’t like men, do you? I can tell by the way you act.”

I almost wanted to laugh in her face.

She was an older woman, probably late forties. In high school, she had been a skinny cheerleader and an outspoken badass. Age brought her children and weight gain but that pretty girl mentallity remained.

This woman assumed I harbored ill feelings towards her boyfriend at the time. I had a habit of not speaking to those I did not know well or worked with. The memory reminds me of an article I read once about a coach at a school who claimed his lesbian boss fired him for being too straight.



I will not be one to say it sounds completely ridiculous- it is possible. Sadly, some gays and lesbians are not the most ethical/moralistic inclined people like some of their straight counterparts. Bad people are…

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Poem: Touch

Disclaimer/Caution: Extremely intentional creepy material meant to be read in a White Goodman accent from Dodgeball imminent! 


I love touch. I like to touch.

I like the way you’re built.

It makes me want to touch.


like the feel of your clothes.

The cotton turns me on, the denim gives me a rush, the leather invigorates my soul.

I like that.


Let me feel your hair, my technique is flawless.

Let me smell you in public.


Is that lavender?


Your soft blouse gives me ideas, those rubbery flipflops make me wonder, and… Are those Pink booty shorts?  

I like those.  


I will admit it.

I’m a creeper, a stalker, a lurker and… oh, is that velvet? 

So smooth to my touch.


Prepare yourself, for my touch.

Your clothes I shall admire, and your face I shall massage with my fingers.

Is that fabric softener I smell?  

You spoil me girl.


Prepare yourself for the ultimate sensation… my touch.

Is that your face?

I can feel the lotion and smell the aloe.


Prepare yourself for my suave caress on the polyester of your pants.

Your beautiful wool socks…  I shall examine with the stubble on my face.


I shall stroke your creamy nose with my palm and feel your smooth jaws with my fingertips.

Come to me, fairest portrait of my affection.

My graceful touch you shall not forget.

Prepare to love.



I included an audio track with all creepiness demonstrated in the way this is read. It really gives you that, “WTF?!?” feel when you hear it. That’s intentional by the way.


Guest Bloggers – Blog for HarsH ReaLiTy?


Opinionated Man at Harsh Reality is going to be hosting some guest bloggers. This is a great way to self promote as he gets a surprising amount of traffic and there are a lot of bloggers who bolster the network around him.

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I have had many requests and have decided to open up the board. I don’t do this because I feel obligated, but rather to give the “room” a breath of fresh air. Possibly bring in some new opinions. Please re-blog this post so that others might also see it since this will be the one time this year I will host guest authors, writers, and bloggers.

I am looking for specifics this time so if you fit a category please send me an email if you are interested in hosting your work here. This is obviously for self-promotion purposes and I will allow you to add links and backlinks to your websites. I will say one more time that hosting guest writers actually drops my views so if this becomes difficult or people become annoying I will just stop. Because it isn’t worth the stress.

This is open to people…

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